The Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness (TAEH) is a community-based collective impact initiative that recognizes the critical importance of working in a new way towards a common goal  This includes working with all levels of government, particularly the City of Toronto to achieve our vision.

Our Vision
Zero chronic and episodic homelessness in Toronto.

Our Mission
To mobilize the collective impact necessary to effect change in Toronto to achieve and maintain zero homelessness.

We believe homelessness is not acceptable and that we can end it.  


Toronto Alliance To End Homelessness
launches its first newsletter

Welcome to the TAEH's first official newsletter!  We have adapted this format as a means to provide you with a more comprehensive view of our activities; share news and reports from our Community Partners and other stakeholders and update you on our ZERO TO campaign to end homelessness in Toronto.  The newsletter will be distributed twice a month, however we will continue to provide you with email alerts on more timely matters.

This newsletter will also share information and other communications for the Toronto Housing and Homelessness Services Planning Forum (the Forum).  This includes notices and updates from Forum meetings, various departments at the City of Toronto and other participants as they intersect with Forum work.

It is my great pleasure to release this newsletter today.  We could not have done it without the excellent and invigorating work of Daphna Nussbaum, our new Solutions Manager!  Many of you have had the chance to meet her by now and will no doubt agree with me that she is a valued addition to our TAEH team.  If you haven't met Daphna yet, you are in for a treat.  Let me take this opportunity too to thank Kathy LaBrosse for all her good work in keeping all of us in touch and up to date with e-alerts etc.

If you have an opportunity or relevant piece of news to share with the TAEH network, please submit directly to Daphna Nussbaum by email at deadline for submission for our next newsletter is Friday, July 20.

Please note that this newsletter is distributed to those who were previously on the TAEH email network, regardless of your status as a Community Partner (CP) or Individual Supporter (IS). (If you are one of the latter, we are working on a platform to allow for TAEH CP and IS discussions too - stay tuned). If you do not wish to receive the newsletter, please click unsubscribe at the bottom.

All my very best to all of you!