Who We Are

The Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness (TAEH) is a large network of over 100 members committed to ending homelessness in Toronto and providing the needed housing, housing support, health and employment and training services.

We are community based, focused on what we can achieve through our collective impact.  We recognize the critical importance of working with all levels of government, particularly the City of Toronto, to achieve the goal of ending homelessness.

We work to engage individuals and organizations that represent a broad segment of society and include people with lived experience of homelessness (PWLE), service delivery agencies, research and policy organizations, consumer driven organizations, businesses, associations and advocacy groups and community organizations.

Hot Docs film shown at 20K campaign launch - Lowdown Tracks

TAEH Chair announcing 20k campaign

What We Believe

  • Homelessness is the result of poverty, alienation and abuse, trauma and illness and a lack of affordable housing.  It’s cost in human lives, potential and suffering is not an acceptable situation for any just or compassionate society.
  • Toronto, Ontario and Canada have the resources to end homelessness but lack a common agenda, sufficient coordination of services and adequate targeting of resources to effective solutions.
  •  Toronto must resolve to end homelessness, set appropriate targets and focus on initiatives that are person-centred and evidence based.
  • Inclusion of the experience and views of people with lived experience of homelessness must be an essential part of the work to end homelessness.

Why We Matter

Within the City of Toronto our purpose is to find a way to better work collectively to change how we respond to homelessness and how we can end it.  We work in the following areas:


  • Provide and participate in opportunities for a wide range of stakeholders to discuss issues related to homelessness and associated services, and to be a part of solutions that are developed.

Service Planning, Coordination, Implementation and Evaluation

  • Promote an evidence based and coordinated approach to service development and delivery
  • Serve as a discussion forum to support the implementation and coordination of new and existing services
  • Conduct and support sector wide service evaluation as resources allow
  • Respond in an effective and coordinated manner to urgent / important issues.


  • Support cross sector dialogue and associated training.


  • Speak with a common voice to the City of Toronto, other levels of Government and other stakeholders about the issues of housing and homelessness
  • Respond in an effective and coordinated manner to urgent and important issues.