Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness

We are the Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness.  We are a collective impact initiative of those committed to ending homelessness in Toronto.

Our vision is zero chronic and episodic homelessness in Toronto. 

We believe homelessness is not acceptable and that we can end it.  We work with anyone who wants to join in. 

We recognize the critical importance of including all levels of government, particularly the City of Toronto, to achieve the goal of ending homelessness.


**EARN an honorarium doing good work to help better understand and end homelessness in Toronto**

The City of Toronto is conducting an assessment of what people experiencing homelessness need – the Street Needs Assessment on April 26 2018.

This count is mandated by both the federal and provincial governments and will contribute to the information collected across Canada and Ontario.   This is critical new information that will allow better responses to those experiencing homelessness from the country-wide level to what we can do better here in Toronto.

The TAEH is a partner in Toronto’s activities and we still need some Team Leads!  This is your chance to be part of an important step in improving services in your city, and to help the TAEH out in the process!  You’ll also receive an honorarium - $125 on a gift card (note that this is not a payment, but a gift card to honour your time and commitment.)

To be clear – we don’t need any more general volunteers – it is only Team Leads that we need now.  Most of you in the TAEH network qualify for this important role!

What are Team Leads?  Team Leads are people who have experience working with vulnerable persons or people experiencing homelessness.  As a Team Lead you will lead a team of 2-4 general volunteers in surveying individuals experiencing homelessness during the count.  This could be in indoor or outdoor areas – you can have some choice when you register on-line. 

The time commitment is 6 hours over the course of the count on April 26 and 4 hours of training ahead of time.  The training is mandatory and you can choose from dates starting next week – on April 16.  As we are getting close to these dates, please sign up ASAP!  You can start the process of becoming a Team Lead here.

The areas of the city (see attached map for Field Office locations) where we most need more Team Leads are:

  • Indoor (surveying in shelters in the surrounding area) at:
    • John Inness Community Centre (150 Sherbourne Street)
    • Scarborough Civic Centre (150 Borough Drive)
  • Outdoor (surveying outdoors in the surrounding area) at:
    • Metro Hall (55 John Street)
    • Swansea Town Hall (95 Lavinia Avenue)

For any questions you have or for extra encouragement to become a Team Lead please contact Kathy LaBrosse at the TAEH at 416-785-9230 x8769 or