The final TAEH governance structure draws heavily from three key TAEH processes:

1.    The interim TAEH governance work carried out by an independent consulting firm and approved in June 2016.

2.    A strategic retreat held with TAEH leaders in February 2017, and follow up Coordinating Committee discussions.

3.    Engagement of the TAEH network starting with a full day governance workshop – June 28 2017 – and then with individual interviews, a survey and webinars through August 2017.

Our new governance model retains the structure and flexibility of the constellation model recommended in June 2016 and also respects the tenants of the collective impact framework (common agenda and shared metrics) that has come to guide TAEH’s development.  Importantly, it allows different levels of engagement in the TAEH and our campaign to end chronic and episodic homelessness in Toronto.

Read our Governance Model Report for more information and see our Governance Diagram.

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