TAEH has a blog!

Good morning, and welcome to the first blog item of the TAEH! 

It is an exciting morning to be writing as many of us are getting ready to go to the City of Toronto's Housing Summit.  The mayors of many of Canada's biggest cities have come together with one voice to call for significant federal funding in their new National Housing Strategy.  This is a great sign that the opportunity we have right now, with many decision-makers united in the call for housing - especially in Ontario where we have our province committed to ending homelessness by 2025 as well.  Expectations are high!

TAEH during today's summit and in days to come will continue to advocate that the people our members serve - the most vulnerable and marginalized - and their needs are central to the City's plans and in the national strategy.  For example, we need a focus on supportive housing, and on tools and supports to transitioning from the shelter system.  As we've written in our key messages piece, if the national strategy doesn't work for the most vulnerable, it won't work for any of us.

For those that can't make the summit today, but are interested, I'm sure there will be a lot of tweeting and other information shared on social media during the day.  Follow the TAEH at @TAEHomelessness or me personally at @KiraHeineck to see how best to take part.  I'll share the hashtag - # - they are using so you can follow in real time once I know it.

The city also has an email address just for public input into their plans for housing.  I'll share the questions asked at the workshops so that you can email in your thoughts even if not there today.

Hope you enjoy our website updates and this new blog - we'll have many guest writers, and I'll turn the comments section on next week once I get the hang of this a bit more!  My best to all, Kira