Miss Toronto's Housing Summit?

If you weren't able to make it to the Summit last Friday, go to the Twitter list #TOHousingSummit to see all the posts - like a play by play.  If you want a shorter version, try our Twitter feed - @TAEHomelessness - and you can see all the tweets I posted during the day, including retweets by other people.

There were many commitments made by our Mayor, John Tory, and mayors from across Canada to advocate strongly for what is needed in the upcoming National Housing Strategy, including ending homelessness.  I'll collect some resources and relevant documents from the day and post as soon as I have a moment, but for now, see the CBC report or the Toronto Star's - both released late on Friday after the summit concluded.

You'll read - if you haven't already of course - that the federal and provincial governments did not make any firm or detailed commitments during the summit.  As the federal government is planning to announce their response to all the feedback received on their developing National Housing Strategy in November it shouldn't be a surprise that they wouldn't give away details now - but it would have been more encouraging if they did!  The federal Minister responsible - Jean Yves Duclos - did attend and told the audience that he knew there were longer term needs that needed to be fulfilled.  Let's use this as one of our hooks in sending the Minister and his government our recommendations for what is essential - see the TAEH key messages for the National Housing Strategy for more. 

Remember too that you can still send input into what the City should put in their final recommendations to the National Housing Strategy by going to their website - there is some updated information post-summit there too.

By the way I can't thank those of you that participated in Twitterland during the summit with us enough - we got so many new followers that day I've lost count!

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Thanks everyone - k